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L0phtcrack 6

  [晴 June 23, 2009 10:22 | by !4p47hy ]
In this interview, L0phtcrack core team member Chris Wysopal discusses the history of this legendary password auditing and recovery tool as well as the features in the latest release.

Why did it take you so long to release a new version of L0phtcrack?

It took quite a while once we contacted Symantec to work through the legal process of getting the rights to the code. I think dealing with large companies when you are small always takes a lot longer than you think it does. Then when we got the code it still took a few months to get in the improvements we wanted in order to make the software a credible new release that people would want to upgrade or purchase.

冷漠注:GPU 可以导入 类似于 TcpDump 、PSRR 等日志,然后进行破解····或者通过导入 WPA-PSK 的 Hash 来破解无线的密码·如下图:


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