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PS:刚才试用了下,发现这个PHPSHELL 还不错,就是有点大了,有 150几K了,不过还好,整天的界面好像改得c99,在其基础上做的修改,功能上有所增加,有个功能不错,加入了 AJAX ,还有就是可以计算每个文件的MD5值,这也不错,其他好像都是些常见的功能了,有兴趣的朋友可以试用下。
We have all come across them, and most of us have used them. They are nothing but a benefit for us during hacking, file management, or security. You must all know of c99, w4ck1ng (of course), and the others. This is another shell, but is it?

Inspired once more by how, for example storm7shell was just another edit of c99. After all, they'll all based off of the c99.

So, what makes these shells... good? Features, usability, and speed. To cut to the chase, TDshell will do all of that, and add another element. Stealth.

TDshell runs out of a powerful core. This core combines a template engine, argument processing engine, and an output control engine together.

The frontend of the shell is AJAX. It allows for each page to load only what really needs to be loaded. Honestly, is it necessary to load the Server Info every single time you view another directory, or edit a file? It isn't necessary, so the fact that only the content that changes is loaded, and the fact that processing within the shell, as it is OOP based, is quite fast and very stealthy, it makes the shell pretty fast and usable, and as a bonus, the content that is loaded is based of a custom encoding that does not take up very much space and avoids detection by mod_security.

The output control engine processes what is sent to the browser. This comes in handy in many places. The output is compressed, removing unnecessary whitespace in the output HTML and more. Also, since the output is buffered within custom variables, when it's time to send headers, there are no issues.

The shell itself isn't a disorganized mess as well. The template engine allows for custom redesigning of the output constructs. Since this release is v0.1, we will need to edit a lot of stuff to make it much more usable. We have many features planned to be beta tested in this build, and many for development and completion in next build.

All of the code is custom, and made from scratch. It is quick, fast, and smart. Many features are added easily in places within the shell to demonstrate the ability to allow for the shell to process information quicker and give the client more control over the shell in the long-run.

Most features are centralized to narrow issues, allow for bugs to be removed quickly, and to be able to spot issues quickly. Also, this provides for an extremely smaller file size.

We also have an autoupdate feature in the shell. We've come across many parts in the shell and said, "If we were using this, would we like it like this?". Luckily, we haven't come across that many situations during development, as we're in the state of mind to create something right the first time. For example, the autoupdate feature does not make you have to sit there and wait for it to check just to load. It loads while you're doing things within the shell.

Custom link generation functions, external and internal functions, and more make the shell all of what we set out to make it: Speedy, Stealthy, and Usable. There are not 100,000 images to load just to look at a page within the shell. Those images take up space, 30% more space when encoded inside of shells. They also contribute a lot of log entries about the images, because it's executing PHP to load it. There is one image to load, and it's not even in the same page, because this would make things even larger.

Like storm_seven, we do not believe in loggers within our shells. We made this shell so that it is the best, not a disorganized piece of trash that logs you loading thousands of images and waiting 10 hours to view a directory.

The combination of javascript and PHP within this shell is just amazing, and once we've finished 1.0, you'll be glad to have it. We hope that it ends up becoming the best PHP shell out there, which it's rapidly advancing to become.

But, we need your help to spot bugs and problems within the shell. While we have tested a lot on many servers, we still might fall into issues with other servers. Since there is diversity in servers and their configurations, the development of a shell that works everywhere is kind of tough.

We're not lazy developers, and we're willing to add any function that people will like, will work perfect, and will be a benefit to the user of the shell.

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